Sad Gaming Deaths – Top 5 Saddest Gaming Deaths (2018)

Keep reading if you’re interested in the list of our top 5 sad gaming deaths! We have also made a video covering the topic as well so if you’re interested then make sure you check that out above or follow the link to the video on YouTube here: Sad Gaming Deaths.

Before I get started, I should say there will be a bunch of pretty bad SPOILERS for any games mentioned in this post or in the video (Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, and The Walking Dead).

Who doesn’t love a sad gaming death?  While it can be hard losing a character you love, I praise any writers brave enough to develop characters and then kill them off. It adds an extra level to any story, they make the stories in games so much richer and remind us that no one’s invincible, not even your favourite in-game hero!

So, read on or watch above for our list of the top 5 sad gaming deaths.

Agro – Shadow of the Colossus

Starting at number 5, in honour of it’s recent remaster, we’re kicking things off with a sad gaming death from Shadow of the Colossus.

When you hear that game mentioned you probably expect us to talk about the death of our favourite 50 ft high scary looking stone creature but no, we’re talking about someone extra close to our hearts, it’s my sweet pony prince, it’s your in-game horse Agro.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I’m playing a game I get way more attached to loyal animal companions than I ever do to characters that can actually speak.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much true for me in real life too. Being friends with humans can be hard, they’re unpredictable, they have agendas, plus you can’t sit on their backs and ride around on them like you can a horse, so there’s that too.

Agro’s death hit me hard, if you’re not familiar with the game, Agro is your loyal horse and kind of the only constant that you have throughout your playthrough. The truth never really gets revealed to you in the story and there’s a real melancholic sense of impending doom throughout. You feel like what you’re doing is wrong but at least your old pal Agro is there, that is until he’s not.

His death comes completely out of the blue. You’re making your way to the final colossus but before you can get there you have to cross a bridge.

“Not a big deal” you think to yourself, “I’ll just jump over that little gap and away we’ll go, I’m in a rush, I’ve got a colossus to kill after all”.

Only things don’t go quite so smooth, as soon as you hop on, the bridge starts falling apart.

Agro charges forward determined to reach the other side but alas it’s not enough, in a last-ditch effort to seal his fate as the best horse a man could ever want, he throws you off and over to the other side, to safety, and in doing so, he sacrifices himself to the watery depths below.

And that’s it, there’s a little cutscene, some sad music and away you go, off to beat the final boss.

You won’t die in vain Agro. You were the best friend I’ve ever had…

Soap – Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3

Moving on to number 4 on our list, second in our list of sad gaming deaths is a biggie, it’s Soap from Call of Duty.

Soap is one of gaming’s favourite characters, and for good reason, he’s smart, he’s in the SAS, and he’s ridiculously tough.

He’s the kind of bloke that I imagine goes down to the pub at lunch, sinks 10 pints, and is back in work in the afternoon, doing the photocopying, fresh as a daisy.

Basically, he’s an absolute legend and that’s why it’s so hard to see him go.

By the time modern warfare 3 comes out, Soap has had a pretty rough time of it. He’s been wounded and he’s seen some of his best mates die right in front of his face.

It’s brutal stuff but our man Soap isn’t the kind of guy that goes down easily, so, how does it happen?

Well, the gang are in Prague trying to kill Makarov, again (which btw is like so totally typical of those guys).

The assassination attempt, as usual, doesn’t go to plan and Makarov only goes and blows up the bloody church that Soap is chillin’ in. What could have been a happy gaming death quickly becomes one of our sad gaming deaths.

Soap is seriously wounded and ends up dying of his injuries right in front of his best bae Price.

Price, much like us, isn’t happy about it and he starts to lose it a little bit, it’s understandable but hard to watch. I guess even the mightiest heroes must fall, rest in peace soapy boy.

Sarah – The Last of Us

Now for number 3, a real tearjerker, this one hits especially hard – probably because it’s a child which is something we aren’t too used to.

Joel’s daughter Sarah from the Last of us dies early on and really sets the mood for the rest of the game.

If you’ve not played the last of us – firstly what’s wrong with you, stop reading this immediately, go and play the game, and then come back and play the rest of the video because well it’s good for my audience retention stats.

And secondly you might be a bit confused – so let me fill in the blanks. Sarah is Joel’s daughter, Joel is the player character in the game and, without going into too much detail, pretty much every move he makes after the first 30 minutes or so is because of his daughter’s death.

She dies as they try to escape their hometown which is quickly being torn apart by a mysterious infection that seems to send people into madness.

It’s kind of weird though, obviously, any kid dying is a sad event but you’ve only actually known Sarah for about half an hour by the time she dies… so why does it hurt so badly?

Well, I think it’s down to the excellent job that Naughty Dog did in setting the scene. First of all, in the introduction you play the game as Sarah, looking at the world and the evening’s events from her, a child’s, point of view. This gives the player a feeling of helplessness that doesn’t really leave you until the end.

On top of that, the death itself is pretty brutal. The last of us used capture technology so they could use real actors in the game and they do a great job. Sarah is clearly in pain and Joel is there trying his best for his daughter but ultimately his attempts are futile and she passes away in his arms.

As sad gaming deaths go, this one is pretty damn sad…

John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

I’m sure you will all be looking forward to the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 release just like I am. With all the hype around the new game, It’s hard not to be reminded of Red Dead 1 and of a certain John Marston and his untimely demise in the first game.

Before we go into too much detail, let’s set the scene again for anyone who isn’t familiar with the game. You play John Marston, an ex-criminal and gang member who was forced by the government to track down and kill his old gang mates in return for his freedom.

John does as asked because a) he’s an absolute legend and b) he doesn’t have much choice. Once the deed is done he ends up moving to a ranch with his family in the hope of living a normal and peaceful life. Unfortunately, the government boys who hired him to do the job aren’t too happy with a mass murderer being allowed to stay alive so they decide to come after him anyway – the naughty boys.

The Marstons hold off wave after wave of the soldiers attacking their land but eventually they are overpowered forcing them to escape to cover in their barn, John’s bird Abigail and son Jack are panicking and confused – they think they should all just leg it but John knows that’s not possible, so, he puts his wife and son on a horse and tells them they need to ride and not look back. It’s the only way they’ll have a chance of surviving. Reluctantly they get on the horse and go, leaving John to face his fate.

John turns, takes a breath, looks up and pushes the doors wide open, revealing more than twenty soldiers all armed and aiming in his direction. In cinematic fashion, the camera switches to the Dead-Eye Targeting mode, as you take control of John Marston’s last stand. John takes a few guys down, but ultimately it just isn’t enough and he dies right there on the ground in front of the barn.

This one really got me, the story made it look like you were sorted, with your problems dealt with, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. As with any Rockstar game, you have gotten to know the main character so well by this point and that plus the surprising nature of the attack makes it hard not to be a bit emotional when he dies.

Lee Everett – Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Our final entry into our list of sad gaming deaths is a bit of a classic, it’s Lee Everett from the Walking Dead season 1. Lee is another absolute hero who has found himself in a pretty sticky situation by the end of Chapter 5. He’s been bitten by a zombie and it’s only a matter of time until he passes over and becomes one himself.

The game, as with Telltale’s other titles, is all about making choices. Lee is essentially already dead once he’s been bitten by the zombie so your choice comes down to whether Clem ends his suffering by shooting him straight in the head or handcuffs him and leaves him there to live out his days as a zombie. Leaving him will be easier on Clem who’s just a kid, but killing him will be easier on Lee who after all is the one who has to suffer in all this.

To be fair, being forced to live out the rest of your days stuck in a building as a zombie is essentially what I do at work anyway so, you know, it could be worse.

Whatever you choose, it’s a seriously sad gaming death and one I don’t think I will ever forget.

Sad Gaming Deaths

So that’s it! That’s our top 5 sad gaming deaths. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our list and if not, make sure you let us know who we’ve missed out!

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