Best Gaming Chairs – Our Picks for 2018

A lot of people might not realize just how important getting a good gaming chair is. Often gamers will spend hundreds if not thousands on a good setup complete with all the accessories. They will buy the best mouse, the best keyboard, the best mouse pad, and the best headset (the list goes on!) – […]

5 Ways to Score a Career in Gaming

Keep reading if you’re interested in the games industry and want to know more about some of the ways you can kick-start your career. As a form of media, video games are quickly becoming a top contender in the battle for our attention. The value of the video game market in 2017, in the US […]

DWANGO and DOOM – History of Gaming

Playing Online in the 90s DWANGO otherwise known as the Dial-up Wide-Area Network Game Operation is a name that is instantly recognizable if you used to play DOOM online in the 90s. Most DOOM players will remember DWANGO as a series of maps that were released during this period and will probably think of these […]

How to Install the NQ Mod for Civilization 5 (2018)

Watch the video and follow the steps below and hopefully this will help you work out how to install the NQ mod for Civilization 5! Go to this link:… Click “DOWNLOAD NQMOD”. Click on the link for the version of the nq mod you wish to download. Press download on the next page. Find […]

Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity Guide

Keep reading for our Fortnite mouse sensitivity guide which covers every aspect of mouse sensitivity so you can focus on your skills and not the boring stuff like your Fortnite mouse acceleration settings. There are no strict rules when it comes to deciding on the best mouse sensitivity for you, it really depends on what […]

Upcoming Zombie Games (7 Great New Zombie Games Coming Soon)

Keep reading for our list of  7 upcoming zombie games that we can’t wait to play. So, it’s 2018 and it looks as though pop culture’s obsession with zombies refuses to disappear and as always we can expect another slew of new zombies games for PS4, Xbox, and PC coming our way soon. But hey, […]

RimWorld Multiplayer Mod – Phi Mod

RimWorld multiplayer used to be a part of the game that we could only dream about but now with the Phi mod, we are finally able to play RimWorld multiplayer… sort of. To be clear, as exciting as this prospect is, unfortunately, the Phi mod only brings in some multiplayer features. This isn’t a RimWorld […]

What Are My PC Specs?

What are my PC specs? As the resident ‘computer guy’ amongst my family and friends, that’s a question I’ve been asked a lot. It’s the kind of thing that looks really complicated to people with limited experience on a PC – but the process of working out your PC specs is actually really easy. It’s […]

Fortnite System Requirements for Mac & PC (Updated)

Keep reading for a guide on Fortnite Mac requirements and the Fortnite system requirements for PC. Fortnite has quickly become something of a phenomenon with millions of players worldwide falling in love with the exciting gameplay, quick action, and quirky graphics. With this rise in popularity comes a rise in the number of people wondering […]

How to Cancel Twitch Prime (Including Fortnite Twitch Prime)

Keep reading if you’re looking for information on how to cancel Twitch Prime. You may have signed up for the Twitch Prime Fornite rewards or maybe just because you love Twitch and fancied getting your free subs. Either way, you can find all of the information you need regarding how to cancel twitch prime right […]